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14 Sep 03  ---  occupazione (eng)

For years, months, days, we networks and communities of individuals have been exchanging knowledge, designing worlds, xperimenting with gizmos and devices.

We are the expression of a thousand thoughts, we are migrants across the City and the Net;
we are searching for a place where our commonalities and practices can open up space-time discontinuities.

We want to hack reality, and we need a lab to reassemble its basic elements. In a metropolis scarred by unreal securities and too real fears, we yearn to give birth to a site of full of imageries made flesh, of bytes resurrecting metal.

Our collective mind is replete with digital/analog technology, info-communication, knowledge-sharing, meme-spreading,
participation-catalysis, and much much more.

The four cardinal points are no longer sufficient coordinates. As Mars is closer to Earth than ever in history, there is no better time for a new reticular constellation, for a new geometry of relations that can freely recompile low-entropy bioware, stunning and getting stunned by vivid special effects and lively affects.

Sept 14 003
in your hard drive, in your life, in your head, in your heart

RELOAD: reality hacking
meeting point for those wishing to bet their cells and dreams:
NOON - Via Garigliano 10 - NoMilaNo

a space gets transformed, a new space is born

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